Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little food for thought, and then some for laughter...

In my inability to be thought provoking, interesting, humorous or even mildly entertaining today I will simply post a couple of things I find interesting and a couple of things I find excellent and then a couple of things I find funny.


This is more sad then interesting…:
Cycling declines in Asia, on rise in Europe - Good for Europe but I certainly wish Asia could learn from the rest of the worlds' mistakes; and I don't mean just about cycling.

Alright, I guess I should change this category to sad or depressing:
NY Times Article - Discusses the ways companies are 'dealing with' the pollution their overseas factories porduce... ie... Asia).

Here we go, this one is interesting in a more uplifting way:
NBC Green News - Talks about a 'green' specialty store downtown DC for holiday gifts this season.

Excellent: After reviewing my post, I've realized that does not allow direct links to the full stories they post under their selected headlines sections so for the next three links and the very first link they are all listed under the Handpicked Headlines and Commentary section:

These should be everywhere:
New German Community Models Car-free Living - I think this community has been linked/discussed/praised/desired on almost every bike blog I read in some way.

Hmmm… maybe this means there is still hope for me yet:
Steam in the streets of Milwaukee - Hah, if only.

Now this would be a pretty ideal way to live. I may actually be in the market for a cycling trailer soon for touring rides…:
Ithaca family pedals for sustainability -This is a very promising article, especially when looking at the stats for the community as a whole. I know it is not a large city but its is a start.


A bunch of bloggers I read frequently highlighted by a blogger I read frequently:
Freewheeling Spirit - Excellent Blog by the way.

Two of my favorite things combined:
Charlie Brown Cristmas combined with Scrubs - One of the best comedies on tv mixed with one of the greatest christmas stories of all time.

A little more holiday humor:
Just a couple of Holiday cartoons to get you in the mood, or at least get a little smile.

Merry Holidays All!

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