Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Needed: Motivational Push

One of the best things about having a roommate is the motivational aspect. I've been slightly slacking on my marathon training lately so tonight when I got home from work after having not run or really gone out for a hard ride and not even having run for over a week I was happy when the roommate wanted to go for a run. I had kind of hoped that when I got home he would be back and would be interested in running but when I actually got home I had no desire to run.

Thankfully he convinced me to get out and we went for a nice 45 minute run up to the National Cathedral and then to Vann Ness and back; perfect route for today. Uphill the whole way up and an easier downhill fast run back down Connecticut. Feel great now and though we didn't really run hard, we kept a steady easy conversation going on the entire run, my legs feel great; good sign for for the 12 or so mile run I need to get in on Sunday to get back on track for my training.

After we got back I met my sister's fiance, B for some hookah and tea over a heated game of dominoes. So glad he is a good guy and we can hang out; the last one was a bit of a tool, and a useless one at that.Last year B and I went to LA for the Rose Bowl to root on the Trojans in their heartbreaking defeat where Vince Dung ran the winning TD into the end zone directly into the corner that we were sitting in. Now there is a tool; although he's at least a pretty damn useful one.

No it's time for some shut eye, got a big day ahead of me including a long lunch ride, another animal shelter related training before I can get started and lots of work on a rejuvinated project at work that I've been stuck on for a little while. Oh and on a side note; as I was walking home from the hookah place down the street a group of girls were heading into the Falafel place on 18th and one was saying how it was really cheap so I said oh and it's really good too! As I walked away I heard one of them say something along the lines of oh he's cute! Hey, maybe there is hope for me yet!

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