Friday, December 29, 2006

Official Dog Walker... At your service!

Last night was my second night of "training" at the animal rescue shelter and after my empty dog walking class I was pretty shocked to see a group of prbably at least a dozen people there for it. I was one of only 3 guys there which I thought was sort of amusing. Anyway, I got there a little late since I left work later then I had planned and I also rode my bike there (which was a perfectly doable ride, though next time I'll wear a little less clothing), I sat through the training and video (that I actualy had already seen on the wensite) and got my official volunteer shirt! It's official I am now a dog walker!

I hung around for a little bit and said hello to a couple of my favorites from last week (though Larry was out for a walk when I stopped by to see him) and checked to see if I could take a coulple out while I was there. Another volunteer said they had all the parks filled at the moment so I settled for my quick doggie condo greetings and then took off for the ride to the metro. Got to Columbia Heights pretty quickly for the short ride home and actually ran across Swan who was walking home from the gym on Columbia Ave.

Tonight Swan and I are going to check out another fixie down at Pentagon City that a guy is selling. I am getting to the point that I feel a little bad, like I am putting a lot of pressure on Swan to get a fixie. I keep finding her bikes on Craigslist and ebay and stuff and then contacting the sellers and things like that and though I don't mean to add pressure (I just really enjoy doing it) I feel like it is probably a little overwhelming for her). I guess I should try and back off at least a little bit...


svaneswan said...

Oh no you don't. You are not backing off the bike advice. I actually do appreciate your help. I need you to keep pushing so I would be a bike owner soon.

And no, you did not "run across" me. I'd be splatterd across Columbia Rd if that had happened.

KMAX said...

Damn... aight! That's the attitude I wanna hear!

As for running across you; you are quite right about that. My massive size and beastly build would have demolished you had that been the case. :)

So you're buying the bike tonight right?