Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter Weather and Picture Phobia

The winter (or rather variable winter to spring and back to winter) weather finally made its grimy fingers felt this weekend for me as I spent nearly my entire weekend and Monday curled up on the couch watching whatever I could find on the idiot box. Friday night was the crazy company party with Swan followed by my early morning ride on Saturday in the sudden cold which helped the beginning of a cold I'd been feeling all week break out into the monster that held me captive the rest of the weekend. Literally did not leave the house from Saturday around noon until Monday around 2 so I could go to the grocery store for more battle supplies (aka medicine).

Today, sniffling aside I came in and have spent a relatively productive, though extremely drowsy day catching up on what I missed yesterday. During lunch instead of attempting to keep up with heavy hitters down at Hains on my fixie I took a short and very slow run down to the national memorial and back. I was pretty surprised by the fact that I was just fine in sleeves, shorts, gloves and fleece hat though it was probably the hat that did the most good for me.

I’ve recently decided to begin another blog to document my progress in teaching myself to become a photographer as inspired by Swan. It will probably be a while (if ever) until I post anything worth looking at but feel free to check in regularly as I will hopefully be posting regularly there. This morning however as I was walking to the metro, I realized I am somewhat self-conscious when it comes to taking random pictures while wondering around this city. As I got to a point where I had wanted to take a picture, someone walked out of their apartment and I decided I didn’t want to take the picture right then. I’m not really sure why I felt this way, I certainly was not embarrassed or anything. It’s probably just because I don’t feel like a photographer and all with my little Casio exelim digital pocket sized camera. Oh well, I guess I’ll get over it soon enough.


svaneswan said...

Clever name for your photo blog. Know what your post-drinking/going out blog should be called? Kmax Drags

KMAX said...

Hah, thanks I figured I'd stick with the theme. Drags on the other hand??? I don't know about all that. Kind of brings up the thoughts Kmax Gags...

Maybe something like KMAX TAX (up another rejection and hangover...) :)