Thursday, December 28, 2006

Speedy Fenty

Got out on a lunch ride down at Hains Point today and despite the chilly temperature given by it turned out to be a pretty beautiful day out there. Scott and I got down there a bit after 12 and found one other guy looping around at the start and figured it was just us since yesterday not a lot of people made it out. After about two easy conversational laps we realized we had been entirely wrong as one of the largest groups of riders I’ve seen down there came barreling down the road behind us. We jumped into the pack and I immediately realized this was going to be a fast, hard day as the group took off back up the straightaway.

Got tossed off the back of the group on about the third or fourth lap and joined up with two others for another two relatively easy laps. Had one nice really strong pull on the straightaway coming back and the rest was basically the three of us riding abreast and chatting. Overall it was a pretty nice ride though I’m not sure how many Thursdays I’ll be out riding again after that; at least not until I can cling to the back of the group for the completely fanned out stuff.

Actually heard from Scott that soon to be mayor Fenty made it out for today’s ride and was flying up with the pack. It’s good to see that he really is an avid cyclist and doesn’t just claim it. Plus he was out there hanging with this pack that was riding consistently in the upper 30 mph range. Man is a beast of a cyclist for hanging out in there; someday I’ll get there. Hopefully if I ever end up riding and chatting with him I can come up with something more intelligent then my comments the last time I ran into him

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