Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Training Duathlon results are posted. All in all not too bad. The first run was a little slower then I thought due to the 3 mile distance as opposed to what I thought was 3.1 but nothing drastic. Everything else is pretty straight forward what I had give or take a little due to transition time which I didn't really mess with. I was happy to see I turned in a slightly faster run time on the second run then the guy ahead of me that passed me on the bike. On the other hand I had him in my view almost the entire run, felt I was catching up but just couldn't turn it on to really give it a go. I think I should be able to turn up my pace at that point in a race to pick people off in the run.

In other news, I bought a new helmet on Sunday and returned it on Monday. I was feeling rushed at Performance while they were closing and made a hasty decision to buy the Giro Atmos for around $140. By the time I got home I knew I was returning it. Only problem now is that I still don't have a helmet.

PBK.com is having a 10% off online sales, sale and free shipping to the US and they've got a Bell Alchera on sale for $50. Looks good to me though I of course was poking around and found a 2XU tri suit on sale for $100. I've been eyeing that suit up for the past year and knowing this year I want something other then the Zoot suit I was wearing last year I'm now tossing around my real desire for this suit.

I could always justify it by telling myself that by buying both items I essentially spend the same amount I got back when I returned the Atmos. That seems to me like the same kind of logic as saying you lose money by not buying things (you don't need) at a big sale.

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Darren said...

I have two Bell Alchera helmets you could barrow one if you need to.