Monday, March 02, 2009

The Last Supper - Snow Ride Style

It seems appropriate. The timing and the atmosphere. Kind of like the last supper; only way better and with a LOT more snow. Since tomorrow I go under the knife it was important to have this opportunity. I am confident my disciple, Brian will continue to preach my word of fat tires and single track goodness for weeks after our "last supper".

The Scalpel luckily was not cleaned this weekend.

In all seriousness when no one showed up to work today because of all the snow and what not, Brian and I started scheming. I might have mentioned to my boss that I was leaving because I had pick up Aimee at the airport. And, I might have failed to mention the fact that she didn't land until after 6. But I left at 2:30 and met Brian at Fairland by 4.

Brian wonders what the heck he may have gotten himself into. Well, that and worries about his bike getting dirty...

We headed out in the 5 inch deep snow; plowing fresh tracks through much of the area. Nice. We did about half the first opening "warm up" loop before I realized I forgot my camera and I convinced Brian to head back to the cars so I could get it. While I was having a blast, Brian was not so much. I'd mentioned tire pressure before we started but he felt he was well set. When we got back to the cars and he was leaning towards calling it a day I convinced him to drop his tire pressure way down; I personally dropped his front tire down about a quarter of the way and we set off, this time with photos to document our efforts.

The fresh tracks were pristine! Those are all ours after riding out and back so I could get the camera from the truck.

This time Brian was much happier and we set off to make a run of our local trails. They were slow, plush and super sweet. Much of them clear of any tracks aside from the occasional rabbit or deer tracks.

Brian adds another.

The snow in the woods was absolutely beautiful and the late afternoon sun made for an amazing glow off the covered limbs, leaves and ground.

I spent half my time and energy giving Brian a hard time today.

Brian contemplates how far he is from the car and whether it's worth it to turn around now...

The sun was falling quickly but Spring could be seen at least in the later sunset (really, I promise it's almost spring!)

Brian studies the fresh powder ahead.

I study Brian's fresh track.

Brian looking possessed as he takes on a log.

This will probably remain as one of my favorite rides of the year and of the season. A completely different kind of ride that made me not feel so bad about the coming days of recovery. Yeah I know it's just wisdom teeth, but those fools are telling me 3 to 5 days of NO EXERCISE! WTF? If I'm taking off a few days of work I at least want to be able to get out and ride or run or something! But apparently that's just not allowed after such a major surgery. Be sure to pray for me on this one folks. :)

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