Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Well I know you were all worried about me over the last day or so but I DID survive. Such a major surgery is tough one but here I am, unscathed and almost ready for solid foods again! ;-) Apparently in my post-op stupor all I could talk about was coffee and wanting to see my old teeth. Who throws people's teeth away without asking first??? Lame.

No issues aside from some bleeding and pain before I could eat due to a completely numb mouth. Otherwise I feel great with super minimal swelling. One tooth was obviously the worst while the rest I can hardly feel. Nice. Glad it's over with. Now if I could just get back out on the bike/road/gym... something! Hopefully this weekend will allow for some easy road riding since the trails will likely be a mess with the melting snow and expected 60 weather on Saturday... How does this happen?!?!?!

Today however I believe I will spend the day cleaning the Scalpel's drive train. Seems like an appropriate use of a free day off.

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