Monday, March 30, 2009

A couple of things

Brian wrote a personal letter to Lance Armstrong with some words of "condolence" and "encouragement". Hopefully Lance gets a chance to see it and it helps cheer him up about his outlook on the whole thing.

Jenny answered the call and enjoyed the beautiful day (and dodged some traffic) yesterday with Brian out in Sligo Creek.

I did my first patrol for the Volunteer Park Patrol, rode my "single speed" cross bike with rusting chain, forgot my id badge, and drank too much coffee and had pee in the woods (indecent exposure anyone). Great start to a promising career of kicking the bad guys' butts!

Afterwards Aimee and I spent some time outside with the dogs, getting Cass some good swimming time and homer some sprint drills mixed with some carbo loading. Afterwards I took Cass off with me to get in an 8 miler out through some of the dirt road back around the Ag Center and then back down around the Greenbelt Lake.

Felt great and running on the dirt roads was a lot of fun. The birds and other noisey wildlife were out in abundance making an entertaining racket. I felt like I could run forever on those roads, if only they just went forever. I'm really feeling great running right now and think I may start trying to bump up the mileage and see what kind of distance I can start getting in. Possibly aiming for something 26.2+...

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