Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 Pittsburgh Sprint Triathlon - In words

You all already know I had some decent results Sunday at the Pittsburgh Triathlon, though I'd guess you're thinking I did better then I really did. So no, I did not win the overall race. I came in 6th overall but 1st in my age group, so a podium spot was mine none the less.

On top! (of the age group...)

The race was pretty fun for my first tri of the year and Cole and Teddy's first ever despite swimming in another river that the mere mention of brings cringing and questions of sanity (I really don't think its any worse then the Potomac). Standing on the shore watching the Olympic distance racers was pretty tough for some of the 1st timers out there. The long swim course went up river before turning around and heading back down to rejoin the sprint course and down river further to the water exit. Unfortunately the up river swim did not hug the shore as I would have expected but went right up the middle of the river.

Ever seen one of those swimming treadmills where the water flows and you swim to stay in place? Yeah, it was like that for a few poor souls.

Our start was good though. I got in quickly and got a very brief warm up in before the race started and we were off with the flow. I could tell I hadn't been swimming enough, but I also could tell I could have used a better warm up. Once I got settled in I swam consistently down to the exit. I drifted a bit swimming back across the river to the exit and probably lost some time trying to walk back up the slippery rocky ramp to the official exit area but overall I had a pretty good swim.

31st Overall

Transition was quick and uneventful.


The bike was pretty cool, following the same highway I used to drive to get out to my old job at the home depot when I lived there, only in the HOV lanes. Going out was basically a false flat uphill +. I felt pretty good keeping a good cadence but still putting pressure on the pedals, and passing scores of people on the way. I battled a few people along the way, coming out on top of each one, though admittedly at least a few of them were out for the Olympic distance race which was two laps of the course. Coming back in we all were picking up some serious speed and a passing rain cell dumped stinging rain drops on us all as we topped out in the mid to upper 30's. I passed Teddy making a hard pass with a guy right behind me while going close to 40 on the aero bars down hill in the rain. I gave the slightest of a nod at that point.

10th overall

Very quick T2, felt like I was forgetting something and stalled a moment while I decided if I was.


The run was up river along the river trail we used to run on for Crew back in the day, almost up to the island and then back. I kept my leg turnover high and just worked to keep my effort high. From the start of the run I could spot the racer ahead of me, a Pro Bikes guy (sponsors of the race) and so I set my sights on a steady catch. After about a mile I caught and passed him and shortly there after saw the leaders heading back in to the finish on the out and back course. I counted four and thought myself in a pretty comfortable position, though far enough back I wasn't catching any of them and I settled into a quick but sustainable pace. At the turn around I realized my previous pass was also being passed by another guy I'd battled on the bike. He was cruising up the path so I picked up my speed to try to hold him off as long as I could. His long gait and smooth running style got the best of me however with probably a mile to go and though I tried to stick him for the final mile he was way too fast. I settled back into my pace and finished strong without a sprint for the line since I was all alone as far back as I could see. I believe I was the 5th finisher but another competitor from the next wave I believe was faster to place me 6th overall.

16th overall

Cole and I enjoying the view from the podium!

It was a great feeling coming down into the well stocked lines of fans at the finish along the river, especially being so high up in the finishing order. Hearing everyone cheering just for me as I finished all alone there was pretty cool. I spoke briefly with the guy who passed me on the run and told him he did a great job and went back to watch for Cole and Teddy to follow. Cole came in super strong for 21st overall and Teddy came in a bit later for his first tri finish as well. All things considered here, they both did awesome! Next time Cole's going to be VERY hard to beat and well, if Teddy will actually train a little bit he'll be right there as well. The only thing that would have made this race better would have been a sweep of the podium for us Duquesne Crew boys. There's always next time...

Acknowledging the Duquesne Crew shout out from Pat's father who competed in the relay category. Sweet!

Oh yeah, and Cole at least is all about next time... Another convert.

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