Friday, July 10, 2009

W@W #3 - Ain't got no time

After showing up what I thought was fairly early last week I left work at 4 to get my car from Hains Point and head to Wakefield even earlier. Upon hearing about all lanes being closed on 395 S I decided to jump on the GW Parkway and ride it down to where I assumed it met 495. 1 hour and 45 minutes later I pulled up to Wakefield threw on my kit and rushed to registration. Guess the elevated heart rate sort of counts as a warmup right?

Despite my last row starting position for the second week in a row I managed a decent position coming out of the climb and into the single track; probably around the front of the mid-pack. I felt I was racing fairly smoothly and well, not as fast as the faster SS riders by far but better then last week. I was passing a few people here and there and consistently rolling people in.

Somewhere around half way through the second lap I took a spill topping out the power line climb before the woopty doo downhill section the photogs love. Not too big a deal in it's own as I was only passed by a couple of Masters racers in the field behind SS but the fall knocked the old single-ator loose and after about 5 minutes of tentative riding the chain lost all tension and fell off. From this point I worked my way coasting and scootering my way down to the creek crossing where I managed to borrow a 5mm to tighten the single-ator and get myself back on the bike.

Passed some folks, including at least one of two other SS'ers but definitely lost more then I regained. In reviewing Gary Ryar's pics from the evening I feel like I was an even better position before the issues then I realized though still that would only be maybe top 15. Once the results come out I'll be looking for the placement of rider # 407 since he was the last rider I passed from the SS race before my problems. 423 was just a bit behind me and I believe was the second SS rider to pass after I pulled off with my dropped chain.

-Photos courtesy of Gary Ryan - Another great set of shots for all of us to oogle over how cool we look in our superstar tights!
See the results and more pictures soon here.

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