Friday, July 24, 2009


I haven't been back to the burgh since the Head of the Ohio in 2006, missing it last year due to the Jersey Man Half. Considering some of my best friends are here, that time seems even longer to me. Got in yesterday and was greeted by Cole and Teddy at Cole and Teresa's beautiful house in South Hills. Driving in I was taken by how beautiful the entry on 376 is in into the city. I forgot how cool this place is.

Today after a relaxing morning Cole and I took a moderate little maintenance run down along the river with Cass. Got the legs moving and the blood flowing and just got to realize how much I miss it here and miss hangin out with these guys. Tonight we're heading over to Teddy's for dinner and we'll catch up with Webster who coaching the crew team these days. Good times, good people... good stuff.

Looking forward to the race on Sunday morning; I think we're all pretty ready for it, and Cole is saying he's definitely interested in doing more races, including some Xterra races... Sweet...

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