Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Heat... it is all you can think about these days; other then maybe sweat. I rode my bicycle last night about 8 blocks, downhill to a local bar for a friends birthday party and by the time I got there I was soaked with sweat. I mean I sweat pretty easily normally but come on, coasting 8 blocks downhill should not make a person feel like they just fell in a swamp with their clothes on!!!

I guess I can't really complain much other then that though, I ride my bike to and from work avoiding smelly, sweaty, crowded metro rides and take a shower at work when I get in. So, unlike the rest of the city when I get home drenched with sweat after work I'm at least already in my athletic gear and not in my work clothes. And I'm done with that.

Last night was a pretty good time; had some drinks with two recent birthday girls at Local 16 then played Dominoes with a couple of friends. I was good to relax, smoke a hookah and play although it's usually just Craig and I so all sorts of conversations can take place however this time Anna came along and we played a three person game. I wasn't so keen on the whole idea (mainly due to the fact that I got whipped in the game) but it was really good to see Anna and spend some time with her; something I haven't been able to do for over a month, before she went to Europe. I kind of felt a little strange in way though, kind of like a third wheel on a date which is especially strange considering Anna and I just broke up a bit over a month ago. But, I've always known she is a flirty person and all and I'll just have to get used to all of that. I still kind of get the impression though that eventually Anna will be dating one of my best friends here, whether it be Craig or Thoreau or whoever.

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