Friday, March 30, 2007

Bicycle Racer

Well, I will soon be a neophyte Cat 5 bike racer for real. Last night I signed up for the Carl Dolan Classic to be held in my hometown of Columbia, Maryland on April 22nd. I’d been eyeing up the race announcements for a while now but until now none had really caught my eye. This race however is only a couple of minutes from the church I went to growing up and it is likely that I’ll have some family there to cheer me on. Sounds like about as good a first race as there could be!

At this point I don’t expect much out of myself for the race, mostly since I haven’t done nearly enough riding up to this point and I’m sure I won’t have a great a base as the majority of the field. My thoughts at the moment are just to get out there and stick with the pack for the whole race. The race is only 25 miles long and I think that if I can do that much I might be able to think about trying to put in a sprint somewhere near the finish to pull out a few spots since I always tend to be able to muster a burst at the end of races. But then again, there is a good chance that I will get dropped by the pack before we even get to the finish so I probably don’t want to get too ahead of myself here.

It looks like we got three guys in there for the Cat 5 race as well as three more guys in the ¾ race so we should have a pretty strong showing for the event, probably one of our strongest numbers wise yet? I believe there is also a possibility of one or two more guys to jump in a couple of the races that are still open there as well.

So, here’s to getting in some miles before then and big day for the Racing Union at this Carbon Neutral Race!

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