Friday, March 02, 2007

Yesterday I was supposed to get in a 7 mile run during lunch but after a couple of hard workouts on my legs earlier in the week I was struggling in the motivation arena. Before I knew it it was 1:30 and was too late to take off for a run so I called it off. I did end up getting the motivation going a little bit and left a little early for a quick 5 mile jaunt around the mall before getting back to meet some people at 5:30.

As I was running down that mall and down along side the reflecting pool for the Lincoln memorial I started to think about where I was and my overall indifference to everything around me. When I first moved down to DC I was doing a lot of running, more specifically running on the mall. I remember the feelings of awe I had as I made my way past the capital building and then the white house. “How many people get to get a morning jog in past the national monument and up the stairs to turn around at Lincoln’s feet” I can remember thinking.

I also found a group of people that played pick-up ultimate Frisbee out in front of the Air and Space Museum every Thursday night and I can remember leaving a game one night walking across the mall as the sun set back behind the monument. I stood there amazed at everything around me and thought the feelings could never wear off; it was just all so incredible to be in such a central and important part of the country and even though I went to high school thirty miles away I rarely came down to the city.

As I ran along yesterday the main thoughts running through my head were along the lines of “damn tourists” and “get these damn kids out of the way!” So much for my amazement at the historical monuments surrounding me. What’s worse is that I’ve become what I thought was crazy when I first moved here. I heard things about people who’ve lived here for years but haven’t even seen the majority of the museums and memorials and now that’s pretty much me. I always want to check out the museums and especially actually go down to see the Lincoln memorial when I’m not in the middle of a run but I just haven’t.

The first time I got stopped on my bike by a motorcade I stood with my jaw gaping as some important person was escorted by dozens of vehicles into the white house compound. Now I don’t even flinch or even cast a glance towards the sounds of motorcades flying up and down Pennsylvania Ave. I guess it just comes with the territory.

Hopefully I will still someday start getting myself out to see at least some of what DC has to offer.

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