Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conversion Part I: The bulk buy

Picked up my frame for my new beater/polo bike last night from the massive Craigslist group buy I got in on with some people from the dcfixed discussion board. While a lot of the stuff ended up being complete junk there was definitely some great stuff mixed in as well. I believe everyone who was hoping for a frame out of the deal will be getting one and there were certainly some decent bars and some coaster hubs people were getting pretty pumped up about.

Being the first person to show up I picked out a frame I liked almost immediately when I saw the burnt orange glint on top of the pile. The frame turned out to be an old Raleigh steel frame built in Nottingham England with Sprite 27 on the down tube. I found the matching fork with the stem attached and picked out some basic bars that I’ll chop down for some skinny polo horn style bars.

So, next step is to try and get my hands on the rest of the stuff for the build and get this baby on the road. I’ll probably pick up a new bottom bracket and seat post just for ease there and try and pick up the rest of the parts used through Craigslist, ebay and friends and hopefully will get this built on the cheap.

As of now my total cost is the twenty I put in for the group buy, though I plan to grab a couple of more junk parts from the “booty” once everyone has had a chance to lay their claim. Otherwise I’m hoping to keep my build right around if not under $100, though we’ll see how well that works out once I really start looking into the parts I’ll need. For now the fingers are crossed and I’m pretty optimistic I’ll come out of this with a sweet cheap a** ride.

I’ll be posting up pictures of the build as I go also once I get my hands on a camera so be sure to check back for those. Hopefully I’ll get some this weekend to put up of the parts I’ve currently got.

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Freewheel said...

Nice selection on the frame! Looking forward to your reports as you build this bike.