Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I’ve never really gotten into the whole biking film thing since I always just thought they’d be just compilations of a bunch of guys doing mostly tremendously terrifying freeriding jumps and tricks that I could never even dream of attempting. Really the only time I’d seen any kind of footage of them was in bike shops that had them showing in the background trying to push their sales. I always found them fascinating but unrealistic in my life and therefore never felt compelled to purchase one of them.

This morning however reading the latest post by Graham at Go Clipless, I got a bit of a different idea about biking films. Graham recently interviewed Jason Berry, the director of the soon to be released cross country film 24 Solo featuring the XC god Chris Eatough. After reading through the interview I could tell that this film was going to be completely different then anything I had ever expected from a cycling film and after watching the trailer I was completely hooked.

I also checked out the trailer for Jason Berry’s Off Road to Athens and was blown away again. Both trailers gave me chills as I could feel a bit of adrenaline rushing through my veins. Maybe it was just the music on top of the awe inspiring footage or maybe the words followed by pictures of the extreme conditions, but whatever it is I want more of it. I’m definitely going to have to get out and get my hands on Berry’s previous film Off Road to Athens and I’m going to try my best to make it to the a showing of the new movie in late April in Arlington of 24 Solo. I expect that after watching these films I’ll be raring and ready to get out for a bit of cross country myself so if anyone wants to watch with me, bring your bike!

Go here to preorder 24 Solo or check out the showing at Arlington Cinema Draft House.

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