Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bday spinnin'

Today, as a bit of a bday present to myself I slept in and didn’t even get to work until around 11am. Then, despite the crap of a cold I’ve developed due to this beautiful but erratic weather, I went out to Hains Point on the Fuji for an “easy” spin. The greatest part about it was that I was in shorts and a short sleeve jersey. That and finally getting to check out Chris’s new single speed/fixed gear IRO. Wow! What a beautiful bike! Tear drop tubes, FSA solid chain ring, just an overall smooth and clean looking bike. While my Fuji brings in the flash facter, his IRO goes more along the slick route. What a beauty! (Don’t worry I haven’t decided I need a new fixed gear because of it… yet…)

This week so far has been my first reasonable week training wise of the season. Monday morning Chris, Michael R-P and I did some LT riding at hains, yesterday Scott and I finally got back to the gym for lifting and today an “easy” recover spin day. Unfortunately I say easy with quotation due to the massive headwind coming up the point again so recover riding was limited to the down side of the point, and said recover was more recover from the efforts of getting up the other side. Sadly this likely means my legs will still be shot (and more so due to delayed muscle fatigue after the first gym session in months) so I may take tomorrow off and enjoy with weather with a co-worker who has been talking about getting out for lunch for weeks now.

The weekend is shaping up pretty nicely at this point with the most exciting prospect being hitting up Patapsco for some Mt Biking on Sunday morning. Saturday morning I’m going to check out a free Pilates class at Greenbelt Center and see if it’s worth doing on a regular basis for some core and flexibility work. One thing yesterday’s gym session showed me was that I NEED to do some serious stretching. The rest of the weekend will hopefully include some road miles out around the Ag Center, some hiking and dinner with the family.

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