Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beautiful Bentonville

Awesome trip! The weather worked perfectly for me and my first solo winter backcountry camping trip went smoothly. I got to the trail head right at 1pm like I'd planned though unfortunately there was nowhere to get a camping permit and I had to head back to Skyline drive so I left my truck at 2. I was a bit nervous about setting up camp before dark so I basically trucked it right through to about 4:30 or so when I found a good spot. As you can see I was working hard, though I did stop to enjoy the views along the way...

The "tallest waterfall" in the park was a little less then incredible but still pretty cool. Had I not been worried about time I'd probably have tried to get down to it to check out the trail looking bit that appears to go behind it.

The campsite was pretty great; nice and flat with a couple inches of natural leaf bedding underneath my sleeping pad with a nice view of the sunset. Heard plenty of animals roaming around after heading to bed, though the screaming animal sounding like it was being attacked by wolves a bit before bedtime made me a little uneasy. My imagination told me a heard a bear in the middle of the night as well though it was probably some small furry creature, but wheres the drama in that?

Day two was pretty nice; woke to a large number of deer passing my tent; they stared as I got out of my tent. Breakfast of cheesy eggs, packed my tent and made my way back to the trail for a more leisurely trip back to the truck. Saw a great swimming hole area I'll have to come back and try out in the right time.

All in all I'd say my trip was a whopping success. Cheers to 2008!

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gwadzilla said...

very cool

maybe very cold

I usually do not go too far from my car

hate having to drag the beer too far