Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new year, a new you?

Happy New Year!

Nothing too new this year for me. To celebrate yesterday I spent 90% of the day on the couch in front of the television watching bowl games and parades. What sloth! Actually I did manage to get out for an hour or two hiking across the street again. As if I haven’t said it before, those trails are incredible! I managed to find another entire area I had no idea was there and realized what I though was Beaver Dam Road was far from it. There is just so much space out there it blows my mind.

Monday, after cutting out of work early around noon I went home and hopped on the fixed gear for a nice 2 + hour spin. I actually started by riding the first half of my commute but instead of cutting off the Northwest Branch Trail just after the NW/NE trails meet up I stayed on it and rode it all the way to the end of the trail. I’d never been up that way so it was nice to see where it led.

I actually was quite surprised when I came out to Greenbelt Road by the Splash Park and then when I hit the end of the trail and found myself in a random neighborhood was pleasantly surprised to find New Hampshire Ave right near the beltway within a couple of blocks. Headed down to Adelphi then to Metzerot to Greenbelt Rd (which was one of the most unnerving sections of road I’ve ever ridden despite the bike lane) onto Rhode Island and finally back through the Ag Center Roads and home.

This time I road the Fuji Track and felt great. It was probably about 30 to 35 miles of moderate steady state riding similar to Saturday’s ride which is exactly what I think I should be doing right now. Over the next month or two I’ll probably spend a majority of time doing this type of riding along with some slightly faster group rides before getting into more lactate threshold and sprinting drills closer to the season.

At some point here I’ll try and figure out my season goals and get them up here for all to see (and hopefully hold me to a little bit). Kyle is inspiring me lately with all his talk of goals and what not. I will however not set any New Years resolutions as I don’t believe in them. Goals for the year? Yes, resolutions? Not so much.

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