Monday, January 07, 2008

Warning... Politics Inside...

Overall political leanings aside, this most certainly will not help Hillary's campaign.

Unfortunately, while she may be a great leader and may have the experience and the ideas to go in and make some things happen as president, I believe there are enough people out there that truly hate her that despite what she says she is the least electable democratic candidate out there. Edwards is probably the most just because he could probably pull in more Southerners' votes for sadly obvious reasons, though Barack would probably not have a problem getting in simply due to his energizing of America's youth.

People love his message of change and one of the major blows leveled on him by his competition probably will do more to help them harm his chances. The fact that he isn't entrenched in the Washington political scene makes him seem like a fresh (and lets face it, less corrupt) face; something that is very appealing at this point to Americans. While people weren't that thrilled with Bush, Kerry was a very weak candidate for the Democrats and he most certainly couldn't motivate people to vote who don't normally. Barack on the other hand has the potential to draw record numbers of young people as well as others fed up with the American political scene out to vote. In '04 the only things energizing these people was a general hatred of Bush and his foreign policies, apparently not enough to elect a minor hack like Kerry.

That'll about do it for my political ranting, I was just moved by the Clinton article. Not sure what possessed her to cry for a national audience, though I guarantee no one is voting for her on that out of pity. As for Barack, I joined a Facebook (c'mon, I'm young like that) group a couple of years ago before he was even considering running (at least publicly) called, "Barack Obama for President (If only...)"

That's about all I'm going to say about my vote.


John P. said...

Yeah, politics, yuck, but I'll take a stab at trying to decipher her motivations. She didn't really cry, or really get emotional from what I saw in the video, as much as the media keeps saying "emotion" when describing the event. Gee, last week it was all over the news that Hillary isn't emotional enough, now this. Uhuh. It was a calculated act by someone who seemingly sees her presidential aspirations slipping away and building steam. I think she blew it in a big way as to me, she's still the front runner on the democrat side. You may be right, not electable, but still the front runner.

She's gotta have more patience and hold on a bit longer. That would be my advice.

KMAX said...

Yeah, unfortunately I read the media about it and didn't actually watch the thing until last night. Definitely not what I expected though still doesn't change my opinion about her overall electability.

I'm guessing the media kind of has it out for her, hence all the call outs on her. While my ideas may be slightly influenced by that I think they are more influenced by my own experiences with what people say about her. A friend told me last night if Hillary and McCain won she'd probably vote for McCain and she is a liberal democrat through and through.

Listening to interviews on NPR about why people voted for Hillary was sad. Some folks are voting for her only because she is a woman it sounds like. Not sure i like that, or maybe my economics background is just really more ingrained then I realize. I know I don't get any Utility from my vote if my candidate loses (is not electable)... And that's what really matters to me.

gwadzilla said...

I try to stay away from politics on my blog
but it is hard
it overflows into our lives

things are starting to get exciting