Monday, March 24, 2008

And the list goes on dada dum ba da dum...

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later; I was starting to get in a grove with the current obsessions. I had most of the gear I was lusting after and my time was becoming more and more evenly broken out between them all. The next logical step then of course is to add another. My latest activity to add to the list of obsessions, rock climbing.

My first peak? summit? Who knows...

Went to Earth Treks in Rockville with the bro in law and sister to try out some climbing on the indoor rock walls. It is a totally amazing time and if it weren't for my damn upper body strength (or lack there of) and more precisely my forearms I'd have stayed all day! The first climb got a little unnerving as I got to the top, looked down 40 feet and thought about just letting go to repel down but after I did it I felt totally at home.

Second climb of the day. It's cool that someone half your weight can belay for you, though they should probably strap down to the floor just in case...

I did a few 5.6 climbs and a couple of 5.7 climbs as well which I think isn't too bad for my first time out. There was a 5.8 that I tried twice but couldn't get more then a few holds up due to my extremely tired forearms. The only upper body work I've done really over the past 6 years has revolved around rowing strength and propping myself up on the bike so when calling on the forearms and lat pull action from the back I don't get much of a return.

Repelling is fun.

That 5.8 will be mine next time though. I plan to start a bit faster and hit the higher levels right out of the gate while I can still feel my fingers and just see what I can do. I'm most definitely hooked.

I'm going to make this climb my bitch.


TerribleTerry said...

When I went up to New Hampshire last year for that race, a friend of mine took me climbing. I bought the shoes and he had all the other gear. He's an expert climber and used to be Russian special forces and trained all over in italy and whtnots. I was hooked. I was thinking the same thing. Darn him for showing me just one more sport I need to buy equipment for :-)

TerribleTerry said...

oh, we climbed Romney Rocks. If you ever want to make the trip I have friends you could stay with and climb with. They're always looking for people to go.

gwadzilla said...

very cool

if I were not exhausted after reading to my kids
the climbing gym would be part of my lifestyle as well

maybe I will build a wall for my boys in the next year or two

last night I had a dream that I bought a different house in Mount Pleasant and had it reworked
the climbing wall was part of the customization