Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm not religious so I'll just call it Happy Friday

Damn, I wish I was watching to Drake vs Western Kentucky game right now. I've got high hopes for Drake being first timers and all that jazz. They've just stormed back to force OT after being down 9 at the half. Even with something like 3 minutes to go it looked like they had no shot... Go Drake!

Got a good swim in this morning; feeling pretty confident I'll be able to finish the swim portion of the tri without too much of an issue and might even not be last out of the water! At lunch I did a nice easy 5 mile run down the mall; fighting hard against my impulses to chase the many other runners out there today and chewing down my pride when passed up a couple of times by some others.

I did still have to beat an old guy I was running step for step with down near the Lincoln Memorial and then also had to pick up the pace for the last two sections of the mall before the Capital reflecting pool. The frickin' tourists on the other hand were unbearable. I liken them to swarms of mosquitoes in swamp land; only bigger, louder, more obnoxious and unlike the tiny blood sucking pests, they have no idea you're there.

On another note, does anyone know anything about the Wednesday evening ride leaving from somewhere around the Greenbelt Metro? I heard something about it last year but never got out for it. I really need to get in some group riding and training before I get out racing this season. The Pittsburgh trip is off after deciding the $100 + in gas money isn't really worth it for a short weekend and a short race. Plus, I can only imagine how much I'd spend at the bars the night before considering I'd be staying with college buddies...

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