Friday, March 14, 2008

Steam Release

I cannot for the life of me get my brain wrapped around the flow of the application I'm trying to build right now, so I'm doing this instead. I think if I continue the pressure in my head will only continue to build until it explodes. In all reality I want bash my head against my desk right now, but I'm going to blog a little instead.

Got some decent miles in this week during lunches though I also had plans during lunch two days and forgot my shoes (despite having my bike) another so no real riding for me. I did finally join the greenbelt swim center so I'll hopefully be putting in my first laps this weekend with just over a month to the sprint-tri. I think I'm going to drown.

The pup is rocking her class and is growing like a champ, though she has slowed down from the torrid pace of a 1/2 lb every day or two. I'm thinking she's going to manage about 50 lb when all is said and done, though I wouldn't be terribly surprised if she got bigger still. She's beginning to feel completely at home with our trail system across the street though the deer ticks are as well it appears. I found at least 7 in the past 2 days on top of her fur after and during hikes. Not cool with that.

Off to run a bit to try and blow off the rest of the steam in my brain. Hopefully I'll comeback and be able to work through this shit; either that or its going to be a long afternoon.

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