Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cyclist may be suspect in NY bombing

This is a sad, sad description that is akin to saying it was a tall guy wearing a hat and carrying an umbrella. Almost every person I know who rides a bike would fall suspect to that description since almost all ride to and from places, typically caring things... in a backpack.

The headline from CNN is just really nice to see. Hopefully no jack hole from the other side of the crazy house decides to take matters into is own hands and start trying to run over all cyclists.


El Dolor said...

I was joking with John Parks about this this morning. If someone were to run up to a venue and suicide bomb the headline wouldn't read "Runner Suspected in Suicide Bombing."

KMAX said...

Hmmm... after the mention of a political manifesto and what sounds like some good old fashioned propaganda I think I should end my discussions on this topic.

A cyclist with a back pack, propaganda AND a political manifesto???

Scott said...

Check out Bike Snob NYC. Very funny.

KMAX said...

That is excellent. Thank you for sharing that.