Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Called out by Le Unholy Rouleur last night; rightfully so too, though mine should have been a bit harsher. I haven’t commuted by bicycle in months. Ouch, I know. Now I do like to blame this on the new puppy, which is partially true, though partially I’m just a big pansy. In that end the hope is tomorrow to commute, though due to the pup I’ll need to leave work a little early to be sure I can get to our training class that night with her a bit worn out to boot. This morning I made a last second decision to drive to Hains Point and ride over from there. Unfortunately 295 sucked this am and managed about a 15 mph average speed from Greenbelt to Pennsylvania Ave. Ouch, cycling in would have been faster.

Getting out for an early and longerish ride at hains today for lunch though so that should make up for things. First race of the season coming up in two and a half weeks in Pittsburgh. The race is only 35 minutes long and is really just a nice excuse to get up to Pittsburgh for a visit with a ride thrown in for fun. So far there are only 6 of us; 50/50 odds at a podium? I like it. Wanna join? Sign up and come on up and spread some Mabra love.

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