Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breaking in the new kicks

Another weekend of near perfect weather and I soaked it up for everything I could. The extra day was crucial too. Saturday I got out for the first test ride of the new Northwaves; my first pair of cycling shoes with the ratchet closure. Very nice; the shoes fit perfectly and feel great! They don't feel quite as stiff as the Kameleon 3's did but I will not hesitate to say that these are the nicest pair of cycling shoe's I've ever used.

Cass did a quarter loop with me again before sleeping in the truck while I did the full loop alone. She's doing great and really loves getting out and running like that. I need to spend some more time out there at Rosaryville but I think for the record I can state doing the loop clockwise is the better way to go. I generally would go counter just because the trail head is right next to where I'd be parked but the flow of the trails going around really works best the other way around. Once again, Rosaryville is so incredibly ideal for single speed rigid riding.

As I was loading up the bike after my ride a group of three guys rode up to ask my opinion on what was the best way to hit the trail. I told them my opinion and they started to ride off. The third got his chain stuck/thrown on the rear cog so I gave him a hand. Very old, like early nineties (maybe) mountain bike (think Trek 900) with no cages and many rusty parts. Nice. Better yet the second guy was on what looked like more of a hybrid, pretty skinny tires with street tread. Hope they did alright. Assuming they did, I wonder how long until they're totally hooked and are all buying up expensive new rigs.

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