Monday, October 27, 2008

The ultimate in local Cyclo-ism

The weekend was a bit of a wash for me, but Sunday by far made up for any short comings on the rest of my time. The second annual DCCX Cyclo-cross race was held on Sunday morning, once again the only cross race to be held within the DC city limits. DCMtb again put on a phenomenal event this year and I got a first hand view of just how great they really were. Every person at the race was taken care of like a rock star. From the little Belgians and their official race medals to the big Belgians and their first class course to the spectators and even volunteers. DCCX is quite possibly the most hospitable event in the local racing catalogue; both for participants and spectators alike.

I had the opportunity to help out at the fry booth for a couple of hours while being fed (free) beers by Brian (the bro-in-law) who I dragged out for the race. Catching up with people I haven't seen in a while and people I never expected to see was very fun, plus just having even a tiny hand in helping for such an awesome event was pretty good stuff. The remainder of the day we spent watching the top notch competition out on the course, all the while flip flopping between really wishing I was racing, and being entirely thankful I wasn't out there trying to kill myself.

Brian was pretty hooked on the race and is even more eager to at least get his ass on a mountain bike; I've been working on that since he first got on a road bike back in the beginning of the summer. Hopefully he keeps the bug and this time next year sees both of us racing around the dirt for DCCX.

Anyway, big hat tip, or more appropriately bottle clink to DCMtb for another first class event!

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