Friday, October 10, 2008

Ramblings on a slow Friday

It's doom and gloom across the country today; I think I'm just stuck on the gloom. Despite the beautiful weather and quickly approaching 3 day weekend of projected perfect weather I just can't quite shake the funk hanging over me today. Between waiting for my new computer to finally be installed (supposed to happen this morning), giving up on my second cell phone fatality in about half a year and a quite and mostly empty office things just aren't quite clicking for me today.

The good news, this weekend should be amazing. Going to a wedding at a winery with Aimee on Saturday followed by a quick one night backpacking trip in Shenandoah with Aimee and the pups Sunday and Monday. I know the weekend will fly by but it will definitely be a great one.

My neighbor's boyfriend(?) rides for ABRT and invited me out to join their weekend group rides. I was really hoping to make it this Saturday but after a guilt trip from the bro in law who is home along this weekend and some cement heavy legs I think I'll wait on that one. Maybe if Brian and I don't end up doing anything I'll just head out for a quick mt bike ride. He really needs to get a mt bike. I think he'd love it.

The markets are busy feeling sorry for themselves and playing out their self fulfilling prophecy. I really wish I had some money laying around to invest since I don;t think it could go a whole lot lower this this before it starts to turn around. If nothing else I could probably just invest a bunch of money in GM stock and wait for the impending government bailout of the automaker that's "too big to fail". (I know, it's not gonna happen but we have set a precedent and I'll believe it when I see it.)

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