Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The rest of my weekend

Saturday night Aimee and i drove out past Leesburg to her friend's wedding at a nice little winery just off 66. It was a beautiful setting though it was really close to the highway and train tracks so noise was a given, including a long train and some sport bikes tearing up and down the highway. I'd wanted to bring the dogs and camp out nearby that night to get an early and easy start on a backpacking trip the next day in the central Shenandoah region but Aimee poo poo'd it and we drove all the way home that night.

The next day we made our way back out, hit the trails and after a number of frustrating setbacks regarding the trails we were supposed to be hiking for our route (compounded by the fact that we didn't have out route plan written out anywhere) we set up camp a bit off the AT, munched on a few bagels and some trail mix (since I forgot macthes to light my camp stove), threw the food sack up a tree and climbed in to bed. Amazingly everything worked out alright in my little 2-person tent with two people and two dogs (aside from a bit of pup pacing going on every once in a while).

Monday we got up and headed back the way we came and then took to home. All in all we probably ended up covering a solid 10 to 11 miles the first day, between noon and 6 pm so it was a bit more of an effort then we'd planned on. Coming back was probably 6 or 7, the expected first day distance and was much more reasonably paced. Lessons were learned and I think we're planning on another trip to make up for our mistakes on this one very soon.

The rest of the day monday I relaxed and did some laundry while Cass snoozed on the couch. An early bedtime and back to the grindstone today. Horay for short weeks!

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