Monday, October 20, 2008

Fort Dupont hike-a-bike

A couple of things went down last week that I wanted to post about but never got around to. This weekend, the same.

Most notably, on Thursday I made it out to Fort Dupont to check out the trails. I really wanted to make it out to the Fort Dupont ride on Wednesday but that just wasn't happening for me. So instead I cut out of work on Thursday and headed over to check them out myself. I didn't have the write up on the trails since my printer connection isn't set up correctly so I had some issues figuring out where to go and once I did I never quite found the right flow of the park.

There were some cross country kids practicing out there that I kept riding up on and I never found any of the trails that led out and across roads so I probably missed the good parts but for what I rode iit just felt like the single speen wasn't the right bike. Some too steep inclines and too quick openings had me hiking and over spinning for what felt like most of the ride. One little section provided some nice smooth flow though I was moving around blind corners fast enough that I was nervous the whole time I'd be crushing one of the runners around the next bend.

I probably put in about 45 minutes jsut spinning around, back and forth on the trails, never quite getting much good riding in before packing it in and heading back to Aimee's. This week I'm going to try and join up the final official MORE Fort Dupont ride and see if the guided tour helps with the flow of the trails at all.

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