Monday, October 09, 2006


Never expected to have one of the greatest weekends I've had in a long time this past weekend in Pittsburgh. I went up with Pat to row in an alumni 8 at the annual Head of the Ohio river on Saturday and to catch up with all my old crew buddies. We ended up having a great race (8th overall, but we beat our current Varsity boat and the most important thing we beat our longtime rivals Carnegie Mellon in their alumni boat as well) and I spent a ton of quality time with all of the guys who I rowed with for the majority of my rowing career there at Duquesne. For most of my time there my main boat was lightweight four and over three years we basically had the same guys in the boat so we became pretty close and rowed a lot together. We spent the weekend talking about what people are doing, joking about future rowing plans (alumni boat at the head of the charles...) and remeniscing about the "good 'ol days".

I haven't had a trip to Pittsburgh that was that much fun for over a year, especially since last year my car broke down half way there and then I proceeded to get trashed after the race and not remember the majority of the night. In a couple of weeks three of the guys from the boat will be in town to run in the marathon here in DC so two will be staying here at my place and so I'll be looking forward to hanging out with them again. I really wish I could be closer with these guys though; they really were by far my closest friends in college and I just enjoy their company so much. I'm jealous of the guys that live there in Pittsburgh but know I couldn't stand moving back there. There probably wouldn't be any jobs for me there plus the weather is so hard to deal with. It is always cloudy and rains so much, that said however I could get a place just like mine in a similarly amazing location for about half the price I pay... Ah well, I guess I'll just have to convince some people to move to DC/VA/MD or something.

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