Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blog Roll Update

I realized the other day when I actually looked at my blog as seen by visitors that I haven’t updated my links in quite a while and that there were some definite notables that should be added and pointed out. This post, likely to be a regular series is to highlight my recent findings in the blogoshpere that I find worth reading and feel you should too. This idea stemmed some from the Drunken Housewife’s recent post bringing attention to my blog for liking hers so much… Sweet! (Oh and if you’ve never read the DR I highly recommend it; the quick posts highlighting her children’s comical proclamations are some of the most entertaining things out there in my book.)

Metal Cowboy Mayhem: Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie’s Blog Spot -

A while back Gwadzilla posted a link and note pointing to this newly begun blog. After clicking through and enjoying what I found in the first couple of posts, I added it to my blog reader and have since been following his writing regularly. This is a fantastic blog that I always enjoy reading and since Joe is an actual journalist in real life he is an excellent writer overall as well. Joe provides an excellent view of life from the perspective of a socially and environmentally conscious cyclist, and though I often pass over his blog when scanning for some quick reads, it is ONLY because Joe’s posts are worth spending a decent amount of time on and I feel I’ve wasted a post if I simply scan through them. Of particular note is Joe’s latest post titled “The University of Brooks” which starts off with: “Everything I Really Need To Know I Learned In A Brooks Saddle. By Joe Metal Cowboy Kurmaskie” Where Bike Racers in DC/MD/VA/DE Roll -

While the local racing scene has a number of riders that blog, up until recently I don’t believe there were any that highlighter racing in the region in general. GamJams is an excellent resource and source of entertainment in that it highlights upcoming races, events and riders and also provides links to other bloggers’ racing related posts and also to any race photos taken at local races. I found GamJams after my recount of a wasted weekend of no training and my experience watching my first local bike race back at Quicksilver. (Hopefully after my first race this weekend I don’t get highlighted for a race report of me getting my ass handed to me too badly…)

Life Bikin’: The road goes on forever and the party never ends -

Very entertaining writer who calls himself Snakebite (haven’t figured anything out there except that I guess his zodiac year is the snake?). Lots of shorter posts highlighting things in the bike world or entertaining images and video clips that are always worth checking out. Case and point: sweet!

Dave Byers: Cycling Junkie -

Just recently started reading this blog but so far it is excellent. I found Dave’s blog while clicking through endurance athlete blogs and liked what I found. Dave offers a humble glimpse into the world of endurance mountain biking, oh and that oh so foreign and exotic sport (at least to me here in the “big city”) of snow biking. Talk about a fat tire event.

Fumbling Towards Endurance -

Another endurance athlete find who I think is relatively new to the world of endurance sports and his blog I know is relatively new. Geoff won the Susitna 100 racers field in a record time much less and is also the boyfriend of another favorite blogger Jill from Up In Alaska. (He guest blogged his race report on Jill's blog as well but I'm having a hard time finding his entry right now so here is the first installment of four of Jill's account of biking the race.) Geoff admits to like to run, bike and xc ski fast and uphill and based on his previous results I would keep an eye on him in the world of endurance sports to be providing some serious competition in the near future.

That’s all for now, Enjoy!


Mike May said...

Good luck racing this weekend, and writing about it afterwards. Most people don't know this, but you can lie in your race reports and say you did much better than you actually did (or might). I don't usually link to results in the same post as race reports.

KMAX said...

Hmmm... now if I have a good race report everyone's gonna think I'm lying. Ah well, I probably either will be, or it will be pretty obvious I'm not.

honeykbee said...


KMAX said...

Ooops, I read your's for the first time after I wrote this post. The trucker post was the first I've ever seen of yours. Soon, honeykbee, soon. :)