Friday, April 27, 2007

Video Inspiration

Last night along with a number of local mountain bike enthusiasts I watched Jason Berry’s latest film 24 Solo at the Arlington Draft House Cinema. What a movie; it was so intense the whole way through and I’ve got to say I love the music. At one point as Chris was racing in China I felt like I was watching the opening scenes of Gladiator. Talk about an intense introduction.

The movie was fantastic and I highly recommend checking it out if you can tonight (there is a showing at 9:30 tonight at which I believe Chris Eatough will be in attendance). Didn’t get a chance to pickup the Off Road to Athens DVD like I’d wanted to a friend will hopefully be able to grab one up for me tonight. Can’t wait to see that one as I feel like it could be even better then 24 Solo. Oooo, I hope I can get out on the trails tomorrow. The days rainfall has me feeling doubtful unfortunately.

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