Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just sick

This little blurb was posted on the district racing listserv.

From the Arlington County website, crime reports for April 11:

FELONY HIT AND RUN, 4/10/2007, 1500 block of S. George Mason Dr. At approximately 1602 hrs on 04/10/07, a man driving a Honda Accord northbound on S. George Mason Dr. got into an argument with a female bicyclist. The man got out of his car, pushed the woman and threw her bike. While leaving the scene, the man bumped the woman several times with his vehicle to push her out of the way. A police officer witnessed part of the incident and stopped the Accord a short time later. Johnny Arthur McRight, 58, of Arlington, was charged with Felony Hit and Run, Assault and Battery, and Destruction of Property and held on $2,500 bond.

This shit makes me sick...


theboy said...

I am happy this guy got (as least preliminarily) whacked. But, what would have happened if the cop hadn't seen this jerk.

KMAX said...

Yeah, it's actually pretty amazing that the guy is even being charged with all of that since they seem to be so easy on car drivers in cases against cyclists.

Definitely great that the cop did see it and maybe, just maybe this will get cops to view car on cyclist rage in a different light.