Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cattin' it up!

Spent the majority of the weekend on the bike and though my toes were permanently chilled and my legs are a bit trashed I loved every second of it. Saturday I “raced” my first Alleycat race with the dcfixed.com crew and had a blast and met a bunch of new cool people in the process. We rode all over the city from Dupont to RFK to Lincoln Circle to Logan Circle to Hains Point to the Sculpture Garden to the new Bike Rack store on Q St to Logan… Well, you get the idea. I rode the fixed gear and there was a constant headwind no matter which way we were going so it was definitely a workout but it was oh so much fun.

I didn’t really know what to expect and just planned on tooling my way through the race, but when it started and everyone started running for their bikes I got excited and took off down 14th St ready to compete. I rode the first bit along and ended up joining up with some people along the way and after realizing I was not where near 1st sort of eased up a bit. I ended up 6th overall though and more importantly had a blast riding the ride. The checkpoints along the way included getting hardboiled easter eggs and doing jumping jacks with them in our mouths, eating pickles and gefilte fish, asking tourists to do funny things and pose for pictures and all sorts of fun stuff (the worst of which being refilling our flat tires after the checkpoint “marshal” let it all out while we were eater egg hunting.

But overall it was totally worth it and I believe the only accident occurred when one of the riders was hit by an excited Japanese tourist running down a set of stairs. Thank goodness for no fatalities or injuries!

Sunday went on what turned out to be a long moderate base mile ride with a couple of guys from RU and had a blast trying to keep up with Joe as he tore up the hills along the way. Ended up putting in about 55 or 60 miles of good anaerobic work in and am hoping to reap the benefits come the Carl Dolan Classic in a couple of weeks. Today however my legs feel completely spent. Am contemplating the hill ride again but I’m not quite sure I’ve got the energy. Got about 45 minutes to decide though.

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Mike May said...

So... did you race Carl Dolan? Do a post on it and give a brother something to link to.