Thursday, April 19, 2007

DC Tri Club

The other day while talking to a guy at the pool I was asked if I was a member of the DC Triathlon Club. I’d never heard of it before but he told me a little bit about it and so when I got the chance I went ahead and checked out the website. After poking around for a while I decided to go ahead and pay the $40 fee to join and figured if nothing else if I can get the occasional training partner out of it then it’ll have been worth it. They also offer discounts at some of the local shops like fleet feet and Capital Hill bikes so I suppose I can make some money back by shopping at those places as well. Not that I need to spend more money right now, but I am going to need to at least pick up a few things for the triathlon.

I’ll probably do what I can to try and get in on some of the training “brick” sessions and training duathlons they hold. I think even though my training went well for the marathon that had I had a steady or even just an occasional training partner out there I could have been a bit more consistent. While I am doing pretty well with motivation right now, I know that come a month from now I’ll be in the same lull I was hitting back in December with my training and motivation and it will be a bit of a struggle getting myself going all the time. Ideally I’ll find someone local to train with and we’ll co-motivate each other when we need it.

I think just having organized sessions and having other people around doing the workouts with me in general should also be a huge benefit.

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