Sunday, April 29, 2007

I feel like I smashed my legs with a ton of bricks!

Today, beautiful as it was saw me out in Rock Creek Park completing my first ever brick workout. GD that was hard as hell! It didn't help that my legs were still a bit sore from yesterday, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out and get a good workout in. Also I'd picked up a new pair of running shoes so I can keep my older pair at work as well as some tri shorts so I was primed to get out and try them both out.

I started out with a pretty strong four mile run along beach drive locking my bike up outside the NPS station near Military road. I still need to get in some speed work but as a start I held my pace pretty consistent and and was happy with my running. When I got back to the bike my transition was decent, taking just under three minutes, though these three minutes would have been much shorter if I hadn't been fishing my gear out of my bag and dealing with the bike lock etc...

For the bike portion I did 12 solid miles including climbing Ridge Road and also included some serious calf cramping towards the end of the ride. (Damn, I knew I should have eaten that banana before I left!) Overall though I felt good on the bike, though without the aero bars I was having a bit of tough time staying down in the more aerodynamic position I'll be using for the race. I really need to get my hands on those and start riding with them.

The transition back to the bike was even a little bit quicker at closer to 2 and a half minutes, but when I started running again my calves quickly began to cramp even more so I had to stop for a bit to stretch them out. Once they were worked out I ran out and then crossed over the creek and did some trail running for a couple of miles and finished up the second run of 3 miles.

All in all a great workout and I'm definitely feeling it this evening. Unfortunately this morning I once again did not do well enough with hydrating so I was ready to pass out for a while afterwards; Hopefully I'll get better at that soon. I also need to improve on my weekend eating habits and stop skipping meals. Too bad I've got to go back to work tomorrow, this weekend was just so amazing and it just couldn't last long enough.

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Beakerz said...

yup. my diet is a huge thing too.