Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The dangers of my printer

This morning for whatever reason I’m feeling a bit over zealous I guess. I guess the lingering feelings left over from the race on Sunday combined with the soreness from yesterday’s core class had me poking around the Baltimore Marathon website this morning. As I looked through the different pages (of what is a really nice race website by the way, especially compared to the Pittsburgh Triathlon page) the blood started pumping a little bit faster and the adrenaline started flowing and the next thing I knew the course maps were printed and sitting here on my desk.

Now you’re probably thinking, ok so what you opened the maps and hit print so what? Well, it’s kind of a big deal really… This means unless something big happens in the very near future I’m signing up and I’m in. For these things I tend to kind of poke around the idea a bit, throw it around in my head and maybe bounce it off a couple of running friends before making any real decisions about it. When I actually get on the site and print out the course map though that’s pretty much it. Within the next couple of weeks (days or maybe even hours in this case) I’ll be signed up, paid and officially training.

I think this should work out really well to round out my season and will be my final big event for the year. I’ll have the triathlon on July 15th in Pittsburgh and then the Baltimore Marathon on October 13th with at least one sprint tri before the main tri and some road races (or at least a few races of the Greenbelt Training Series for some more experience). Then if I can get my hands on a cross bike in time I’ll be able to get in a fun season of cyclo-cross racing to close out the year. This is going to be fun! Hopefully if all goes well then next year I’ll try for a half Iron Man.

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