Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big race tomorrow and W@W results

Well it's late Saturday night and while most 24 year old single people in this city are probably out having a good time with friends I'm home writing this post. Tomorrow morning is the Reston Town Center Grand Prix and my race being at 8:45am I ought to already be in bed. Getting up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning is not exactly my idea of a great time though the race should be worth it. As long as the 8 turns don't kill me.

Driving a flexcar out tomorrow again and since I have it for the whole day I'm considering bringing the mountain bike along and hoping out on the Wakefield trails for a bit on the way home. We'll see how I'm feeling after the race but I'd really like to get a couple of run throughs of the course before Wednesday. The results are posted though they still aren't to linked from the official website so that leads me to believe they are not official.

They had me at 10th but tonight they say 11th; either way better then I thought I did and I'm definitely happy with it. I'm a little bit suprised my second lap was slower then my first since I crashed a few times on the first and stayed up for the second but the lower speed likely played a big roll in that. I was also stuck behind people a lot more during the second lap which would explain a bit as well.

Any way, now it's time to focus on Reston and more importantly get some rest before the early race. Oh and I finally picked up a new point and shoot camera this weekend so I'll try and get some pictures while I'm there, if I remember.

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...big role.... not roll.