Friday, June 01, 2007

Duquesne at the IRA's!

The first ever Duquesne University Boat with be competing at the IRA National Championships today at 3pm!!! Good luck Women’s Lightweight 4!

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Up until a couple of years ago the best a Duquesne Boat had ever done at a National Championship race was my lightweight 4 boat that took 6th in the finals at the Dad Vails. A couple of years later our Varsity Pair took second at Vails with a sophomore and a freshman (damn freshman went off to England and never rejoined the team after that, fool!). Up until very recently (this year?) our women had never even managed to get a boat into the finals of Vails.

Things are changing for the better with Duquesne Women’s rowing and it looks like Coach Joe is really doing a great job in his first season as head coach. Hopefully this will translate into even more exposure for the Duquesne program, both men and women and the next couple of years will see a growing and improving program. At least we should hope the officials at the race will know how to pronounce the name of the school and will stop calling us Doo-Kwehz-Knee.

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