Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The waiting game

Today has been quite the frustrating day. Like yesterday I’ve been waiting. Waiting for word on the shoulder, waiting for word on the bike, waiting to plan out exactly what the next few weeks are going to look like. Slow days at work and anxious waiting do not go together all that well. After calling my doctor’s office this afternoon I was told I needed to get in during business hours to get my referral to go to an orthopedic surgeon, so during lunch I grabbed my bike and jumped on the metro up to Columbia Heights to get it. Unfortunately they were closed for a 2 hour lunch, though they were nice enough after a quick lecture to take the 5 minutes to fill out my referral and send me on my way.

(Side note) On the way back I decided it was reasonable enough out to just cruise back to work despite being in my work clothes and while riding past the GAO office down the street a lady in an SUV slammed on her brakes to stop for a girl in the cross walk. A fellow biker I was riding next to slammed into the back of her car while jumped around the left side of her car having anticipated something of that nature after seeing the girl. He was alright, though his front wheel looked a bit roughed up. Last Friday when I left work mid-day to go to the doctor’s office there were a number of strange things that I wanted to write about as well. One was an old homeless looking guy on the metro talking about inventing the ball point pen and how much money it made him, toping off that story with him having so much that Bill Gates worked for him. Unfortunately I forgot the majority of the other stuff I wanted to write about after finding out about the broken bone.

Anyway, when I called the office I was referred to I was told the next appointment they had available was for June 14th, so now I’ve got to figure out where else I can go in my network to get this taken care of. Now I’m back to waiting for this other office to call me back to tell me if they can see me. Woohoo! Oh and I called CHB also to check on the status of my bike and it looks like it’s not even in yet; so much for racing on it tomorrow at Greenbelt and riding tonight at hains to break it in. I love waiting.

Of course the worst thing about all of this is that through all the waiting and wondering and worrying I’m getting more and more pessimistic about the near future of dealing with this shoulder crap. I’ve got to try and remember how minor this is in the grand scheme of things. What about my teammate Josh who has been under going chemo since the fall and is laid up for a week at a time ever other week by it. Then there is Fatty and his wife and all of the waiting and coping that the two of them have to go through day by day. A few weeks and a broken bone just don’t really stack up in comparison.

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