Thursday, June 07, 2007

Greenbelt Part Quatro

My fourth Greenbelt training race went smoothly enough though not as well as it could have. I made a few gone headed moves that blew me up for the finish, though since it’s a training race and doesn’t really count for anything I’m not too worried about it. I made a lot of jumps that I shouldn’t have including one where I assisted in catching my own teammate’s break (very, very bad form on my part) and took some ill timed and ill advised attacks throughout the race.

In the final lap I was a little bit blocked in on the inside while the final breakaway was leading out on the left side. I saw it and watched it happen but in my position there wasn’t much I could do. I squeezed up the right side and tried to chase back onto the group when I could but ended up sitting in the no man’s land between the two groups and basically held my spot for the remainder of the race to finish in 7th. Not the greatest finish there but not too terrible; I think had I conserved some energy at few small points in the race I would have been better off at the finish.

Overall during the race my shoulder never really bothered me, though afterwards I needed some ibuprofen as it was pretty sore. I’m starting to feel a bit more optimistic about it though that I may just need to put it in a sling for a couple of weeks and get out without surgery or any serious time losses. Hopefully after I meet with the doctor tomorrow I’ll have a better idea about what I’ll be doing. For now though I’m not canceling any races other then the Pittsburgh Triathlon. I think the swimming part would just not be a good idea and I’m not too eager to jump in the pool to check it out.

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Beakerz said...

Given that when you swim, you pull directly from your clavicle, yea. Not sure that's a good idea.

But wow! 7th with a broken bone. Not bad at All, though I'm sure frustrating to watch the lead pack go by with no real chance to catch =\

Take a break (pardon the pun) and see what the doc says about surgery, etc. Think smart. Think long term. Determine the risks of loss of mobility and/or strength as a result of either action. Weigh your options and proceed.

Don't be me and just proceed and through caution to the wind. Tis no fun.

Glad you made it through safely = no crashes.