Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good news and a GREAT cause

A couple of things today; first, I got my new bike last night! I got the call around 2:30 yesterday that it was ready and headed out a little early to try and get it so I could race it at Greenbelt. Unfortunately Greenbelt was soon after canceled, though with the storms that rolled through last night I am grateful for that. Wouldn’t want to get the new bike all wet or anything now would I?

I spent some extra time picking out a replacement seat and fitting everything to my liking before heading to hains to break it in with Chris. It rides like a dream and is so stiff and responsive; I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to get out during lunch today for the noon ride.

Second in today’s topic is an excellent opportunity to get involved and help out the local community that someone passed along to me. The organization is called Trips for Kids: Metro DC and actually hosts mountain bike classes and rides for kids living in the city. From the website:

Kids Metro DC (TFK Metro DC) is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that helps
disadvantaged youth in the Metropolitan DC area. We provide important life
lessons through fun and educational mountain bike excursions into Virginia,
Maryland, and DC parks and nature areas.

This sounds like something I would definitely be able and interested in getting into so I’ll probably try and get out and volunteer for some of these events. Getting more people on bikes, whether mountain, road or hybrid is always good in my eyes and teaching inner city kids to love mountain biking seems like such a great idea. Got a hankering to get some time in volunteering but not sure what you want to do? Get outside and help some kids who may not have that many places to turn for positive encouragement. Got a passion for some mountain trails? Why not share that passion with folks who have never had the opportunity to experience the joy of ripping up some sweet single track and the accomplishment of cleaning that technical S.O.B. of a trail that that you’ve tried so hard on for so long.

Another great thing about this organization is the “earn-a-bike” program where kids with no bike to call their own can earn one through community service and participation in the organization’s events. If you ever have an old bike that you no longer need, please don’t throw it away. There are so many deserving causes that bikes can be donated to, both domestically and internationally and it would be such a waste for a bike to rot away in a dump. If you want to make sure your bike is put to good use and want to help out the local community all at once, send your old bikes this way and help get even more people on bikes.

Go HERE to volunteer for the next event!


Freewheel said...

That sounds like a great program, and the timing's perfect - just as school lets out for the summer.

Beakerz said...

Great program...maybe I'll try to get involved too