Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great News

Well, I feel a bit dumb for this, but the good far outweighs the bad in this case. It turns out the split in my clavicle looks normal and that I've just been whining and crying like a baby about how I won't be able to ride for no reason. I didn't quite understand the whole ordeal with it but basically the doctor told me the ligaments are inflamed around what is a joint in the shoulder and there was a slight chip in the bone but no break.

I still get the impression it's misaligned since it pokes up a little bit but I think maybe the extra space between the bone is from the inflamation? It didn't hurt while the doctor moved my arm around and poked and prodded though so I think I'm good to go. This is very good actually because I still haven't gotten my new bike yet so if I were to have to go out of commision for a bit I wouldn't even get to ride the thing.

Also, I unfortunately am not the pain ignoring beast that I was hoping I was; though I'm happy to report that I still have never broken a bone (knocking right now). Chiped bones on the other hand are everywhere.


theboy said...

Hey! That's good news!

I had these visions of you crashing with a broken bone. They don't really immobilize clavicles, thought they might say they do. Yikes.

Exogenous said...

Awesome! Looking forward to doing some more Greenbelt races with you this summer.