Monday, June 04, 2007

The new plan

This weekend was pretty nice, though it was definitely brought down by the slight depression about the shoulder. I think now that I officially know it’s broken it hurts more; or maybe it’s just the rainy day aches of the past two days. Either way it’s been sore this morning and the bumping potholes on the way in were that much more jarring then usual.

Since I haven’t spoken with my doctor yet since I got the x-rays done I’m not sure exactly what the course of action will be, though I’m pretty much set in how I’d like to handle it. I’ll race at Greenbelt this weekend and then Quicksilver on Saturday and then next week I’ll go in and get it all taken care of. I’ll probably have to drop out of the triathlon in July since I won’t be able to swim until this is healed and I have no idea how long that will take. I’m hoping that despite their no refund policy a somewhat substantial injury like this will allow for me to collect the $100 entry fee.

I’ll also have to back out of the Reston Town Center Grand Prix on June 24th since I’m assuming I won’t be healed that soon. My guess is that they will have to re-break the bone before resetting it correctly and putting me in a sling or some such sort of thing. Not sure how long the healing process will take since I’ve never broken a bone before though I hear it’s shorter then a sprain/ligament issue. I think I’ll probably go crazy not being able to ride my bike anywhere for that time though. I’m going to have to do my best to get all the riding in this week that I can. Especially on my new ride.

Friday night instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself after finding out about the break, joined some dcfixers for a little bike bar hopping and had a few drinks before heading home around midnight. Saturday I met Roy for an easy ride through Rock Creek Park before heading over to Clarenden to catch the second half of the CSC invitational. I got there as the Navigators rider Viktor Rapinski was about to lap the pack, though unfortunately he cracked just a bit after we arrived and was gobbled back up. The race was extremely exciting though and I am so glad I made it out there for it. The short loop made for a lot of watching opportunities and kept the excitement high.

Sunday I ran the Mutt Strut 5k with a personal best per mile time which surprised me a bit and took off before the majority of the rain came in and spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch watching tv and listening to the rain pounding the roof. Hopefully it clears up a bit this week so I can get out and spend some QT on the new bike after I get it tomorrow(?).

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Beakerz said...

Aw shit man!!! I just read this. Shoulder problem. Welcome to my world of the past 2 years. I can still lift up shoulder and my clavicle makes cracking sounds.

Yea, it's great.

Dude, take care of that and pronto. I really hope that you Don't have ligament problems. Luckily, they didn't have to reset mine but damn if my ligaments weren't f'd.

Good luck my friend.