Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who sprints for 15th place in an mtb race?

Me, that's who... (dumbass)

Well, I think I only managed to piss one person off in my first mountain bike race last night. Otherwise I’d say the evening was a tremendous success! For whatever reason and it’s still not really clear to me now, I decided to sprint past a guy in the opening for the finish line… for probably 15th place. Hah, ah well next time I will have the presence of mind to not do that and hopefully the guy won’t hold any grudges against me on that one. What can I say, I’m a total noob.

The race itself was incredible and I had a blast. The course is amazing and completely different from anything I’ve ever ridden and the racing was by far the hardest I’ve ever ridden a mountain bike. The mass sprint let out to me sitting pretty in second place keeping the leader in sight before losing control around a 180 degree uphill turn and dropping back a few spots. I ended up having the hardest time with unexpected sharp turns, crashing about 4 or 5 times on them and losing all of the places I dropped due to them, though only in the first lap. The second lap I managed to ride a better lap mentally and remembered all my trouble areas and didn’t even drop a foot.

Not sure where I placed though I’m guessing somewhere in the upper top 20 or so, though it may have been closer to 10th. I do know I’m pretty pumped about the rest of the series and I think next time with a little more understanding of what to expect I should be able to put together a more solid effort out there. Oh, and hopefully next time I’ll manage not to lose a contact in the first quarter of the race as well. That was kind of a bitch.

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gwadzilla said...

good job...


nothing wrong with the sprint finish

it is the classic roadie thing to do