Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quick at Quicksilver

So yesterday was my second official race in the Quicksilver and I couldn't be (much) happier with the results. Despite feeling a bit crappy in the morning I managed to stay in the front of the pack and pick off a fourth place finish. Chris was right behind me as well in 7th giving the two Union a strong result with both Cat 5's in the top ten.

Unfortunately I was still on the down tubes since my new bike has not made it in to the bike shop yet, though I'm not saying I'd do better with a different bike. I do think I should have been able to pick off at least third in the race but I got a little distracted along with the rest of the pack after a couple of late crashes and didn't stick with the break away up the final hill like I should have. Live and learn.

The overall race had a very different feel then the C race over at Greenbelt, though at double the size it shouldn't have really surprised me. There seemed to be a little less in the brand new racer shakes area but more in the sketchy "race tactics" and bike handling areas as opposed to Greenbelt and the larger size of the pack certainly helped in making it feel a bit crazier. Racing Greenbelt though certainly has improved my race handling and understanding immensely. I will probably bump up to the B race soon and try and hang in there. Some of the other previously C racing guys have bumped up and seem to be doing well enough and say it's not too much harder, just less of the waiting around for someone to do something.


Josh said...

I had that bike before you (for something like 15 years), and I can't recall it ever mis-shifting. Amazing!

You're going to like that Cannondale for racing, though. Those things are like rockets!

Josh said...

Woops, I meant to post this in the entry above... D'oh!