Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catching up on some trail time

This past week I finally spent some time dedicated to biking. It started on Saturday last weekend when I spent a few hours helping out with some Rosaryville trail work, though no actual riding. Tuesday I made it out for the Rosie night ride which Eric generously stuck around to lead (despite having put in at least 32 hours of trail work over the previous 4 days including all day Tuesday.

The ride was great and the new Light and Motion Stella 200N worked out perfectly for the end of the ride when we finally needed to turn the lights on. Performs way better then even the combo of the Night Rider Road Rat and performance brand 10 watt light taped to the helmet... Yeah, I don't have much to compare it too of course.

Thursday I took the day off work to get some things looked at on the truck and then went back to Rosie for some more trail work mixed with some riding. Both were great and riding a final lap after the days work was done I could tell the trail was in way better condition then before hand. Paul and Eric put in some ridiculous amounts of time out there every year and I think everyone who rides there owes them a great big thank you for such a great place to ride.

This morning I got out for a few hours of Patrol riding at Black Hill Regional Park followed by a two and a half hour ride at Schaefer Farms with Brian. It was my first time at both places and each impressed me in their own ways. Black Hill is huge with a lot going on. Very nice park with some good easier rolling single track all around the park. Schaefer on the other hand was ridiculously fun. Lots of up and downs and some incredibly twisty and windy trails. Lots of logs and other play ground equipment add plenty of fun and challenge for everyone.

I also rode both endsof the Hoyles Mill connector trail today. The end at Black Hill on patrol and Brian and I crossed over for a few miles down the trail from Schaefer. Now just to put it all together.


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Good Job.