Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let the season begin!

Was getting pretty excited for Lodi this weekend. Definitely ready for a real race (not really counting Snotcycle on this one). Really hoping the weather holds out so this doesn't turn into a dreadful race.

Feeling pretty good overall. Did a couple laps at Fountain Head Saturday with teammate Vince and Darren, Alex and Eric who will be riding single speed. Aside from the nasty heat felt pretty good. Last night the Rosie night ride confirmed that my new Light and Motion Stella 200N will do the job for my night lap. I may not be able to maintain my pace from day light hours though I likely wouldn't be doing that anyway towards the end of the race.

A bit excited and anxious at the same time that Aimee will be joining me for the over night event. Could be a total disaster (ie complete boredom and hatred of all things mtb racing) or could make for a really fun weekend. Here's hoping for the latter. Though if it continues this rain there may be a suggestion I suffer alone and without putting Aims through the misery of two wet and muddy dogs to go along with a tired wet and muddy boy friend.

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